jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Mancora, the beach, blissful downwindings

Set against a cerulean sky: A slick white, fluid collection of rounded balconies and french doors: a building right out of Cyprus. Beachside pool. Cluster of palms, sagging hammocks, a common will wafting on the seaside breeze: To do nothing. Nothing at all. 

This is Mancora, and this is the warmest place in all of Peru. Hence me being here. I have ben doing a lot of two thing sout of many: Running around, and being cold. For my last four days in Peru, i have decided to exempt myself from those familiar past times. And I've been serious about it. My last few days have gone something like this.

Nir wakes up early to loyally watch Wimbleton. I sleep for abit more, wander down to the pool, get breakfast. I lay around next to the pool. Not IN the pool, NEXT to the pool. I told you, I'm serious about not being cold. At all. I'm not taking any chances. For the whole rest of the day, Nir plays ping pong. This is no exaggeration. I write, draw, adn read. 

Once, we walked all the way to the beach. It was a big effort, about 100 meters away. Once we were there, we stayed until it got cold. On the beach, Nir played beach ping pong, which he calls matt ball or something. I lied around. At one point, I made a sign for Alia in the sand. That was the hardest I worked in Mancora. (Love you Alia!) 

Finally done with mattball

Kite surfing is popular in Mancora instead of surfing because there is wind but no waves.


I actually got compliments on the extent and commitment for my laziness. I accepted them gladly and proudly- I think I'm getting good at this! Of course, we continued to hang out with very cool Israelis. That includes Eli, Pola, and Gal from the Huaywash trek and about half a million others who know Nir from about half a million places throughout South America. The most prominent seem to be a) seeing him dancing on the bar in Cuzco (these people seem to know him: he has no idea who they are), and, b) Ping pong (I'm pretty sure Nir has played every gringo in South Americ at this point). Then, there are those who I asssume he knows but later find out he's just met them. That's how it goes- I think Israelis are the friendliest people in the world. We spent one evening on a rustic porch overlooking the ocean, laughing and listening to a piar of talented musician friends: it made me miss my buddies on Vashon. 

The idea of all this relaxation is to recharge for coming home, which is coming up really, really soon. I can tell from the mountinas of college emails that are swamping my inbox that I'm going to have to hit the ground running when I get home. So, now is my chance to clear my head, transition smoothly, and enjoy my last few moments in Latin America comfortably and in the sun. Nir and I bus to Lima on the 10th, arrive on the 11th, and my flight home is on the 12th. He flies to Colombia a few days later to finish his trip there; school in Israel doesn't start until October. I still have two days in Lima, so it's not goodbye to Peru quite yet....

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